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Rekdal 6395




62°38’40.6″N 6°43’22.3″E

The harbour of the fishing centre

The harbour of the fishing centre

The harbour of the fishing centre is constructed of boulders that were blown up out of the mother rock with 500 kilos of dynamite. The boulders are stacked and finished in such a way that they form aThe harbour of the fishing centre true safe haven for the boats during a storm.

The fishing centre’s harbour is accessible via a specially constructed path from the fishing holiday centre. It can easily be reached by wheelchair.
Eight to ten boats can moor at the harbour, and it is of course also where the ‘Pompel og Pilt’ is moored. This is the boat that can take up to four wheelchairs with three carers and/or fishing friends.

The pier

You can also fish for cod, pollock and mackrel from the pier. Enjoy the view and the waves in the fjord (which is 2-3 kilometres wide) while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

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