Sponsors and volunteers

Sponsors and volunteers

It is virtually impossible to start a project like the (Wheelchair) Fishing Centre in Norway without enthusiastic supporters.

When you tell people in Norway what you are doing, they react immediately: ‘That’s a really great project – is there anything I can do to help so we have a lot of sponsors and volunteers?’

These reactions are often due to the fact that people know that our son Johan had an accident long ago. This is the reason behind the idea to set up a project like the Wheelchair Fishing Centre. The times we spent in Norway with Johan were those when he was at his best, at peace. We said to each other then, we’d like to do this for many others too. And one thing led to another.

But we could never have done it alone, as we have already said, and that is why we would like to warmly thank
the sponsors and volunteers who have pitched in and supported us in so many different ways.

The sponsors and businesses who have helped us and provided us with the necessary materials, photos, power columns[JH1]  or transport are:
Munsters metaal HelmondCornelissen Projectbegeleiding
Leeuwerik Full-service in plaatmateriaalInvedra in Tiel Vloertechniek

Handicaire  in  Pijnacker and Helmond ,  Photographer: Edmund Melkild

TECforREC   Recreational Services Tholen

The volunteers
Hans Keunen, Celio van Gerwen, Lijnie & Jan van Empelen, Frits, Harald, Anton and Twan van de Goor, Robert Maandag, Ad Verleg, Maarten Dragtsma, Petter Johan & Grette Rekdal.


We would also like to warmly thank Stichting BOAT in Donkerbroek, Friesland for the wonderful collaboration on the construction of the wheelchair fishing boat. www.stichtingboat.nl